Begininng our nonprofit


In 2019, a group of high school found a need in their community. Unfortunately, many people were without the medical supplies and equipment they needed to sustain themselves. Consequently, we came together to resolve these problems through our organization, BridgeMed. We hope not only to aid those in need with medical supplies and services but also foster connections with affordable healthcare providers so they can receive adequate help in the future. Starting our nonprofit was no walk in the park. It required intense planning and hours. Moreover, being run by high school students, it was difficult to find time to do so, but the passion within us helped us overcome these difficulties in an attempt to assist those in need. Along with starting our organization came many startup costs. If you are able and willing, we would greatly appreciate your donation to our startup costs drive. After we cover those costs, we will be able to start helping those in need. So, please help us achieve our goal!


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